Vegetarianism and Me

So, as I stated on the “About” page here, I’m a vegetarian.

Now, it’s not quite so simple as that. My parents became vegetarians when I was around age two, and for many, many years, that’s all I knew. A few years ago, though, I wondered what meat was like.

So, for about a year, I ate meat. Whenever I write or speak of this, I am reminded of the Amish Rumspringa. And, in reality, that’s quite what it was.

But, at the end of that year, I realized that I didn’t really like it much.

During that time, I ate chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish, deli meat (what is it really, though?), and none of it left much of an impression on me.

I went back to being a vegetarian after that, and have remained so. I find that I like vegetables, legumes, and grains just as much, if not more, than meat. In addition to the fact that the health of those three is much greater than that of meat, and price is less for greater quality and quantity.

I am, however, pretty much forced to break my vegetarianism a few times each year. I do Revolutionary War re-enactments, and meat is always used heavily in the meals there. I also tend to eat meat if not doing so would be offensive to the providers of the food (e.g., going to the house of someone who forgot that I’m vegetarian).

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2 thoughts on “Vegetarianism and Me

  1. As much as I eat my veggies and have favourites that most people do not like, I like meat too. I have eaten vegetarian meals but somehow I cannot imagine giving up on meat altogether. I guess its how we adjust our taste buds to adapt to different food.

    • andrewvochman on said:

      Thanks for responding! Yes, it is very possible that at least one of the reasons I didn’t care much for meat was that I grew up without it, and was accustomed to vegetarian food.

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