The other day, I made a cacao-coffee blend, the process by which I did so I’ll post about sometime, when I make it again.



Here is a picture of the coffee beans and cacao nibs (it’s more than that, but, as I already said, I’ll write about it later). For now, suffice to say the coffee is a roast between medium and dark.



In the grinder, about to be brewed.



Brewing in my oft-used Bodum french press. I usually let it brew for about five minutes, though, in reality, it brews longer than that since, even after pressing it, the liquid and grounds are still in contact.



In my cup, about to be drunk. Since it is only partly dark roast, there is a slight tinge of acidity (which I don’t like), which I will try to work around next time I make it. The cacao flavour is fairly light, which I think I will rectify next time by adding more of the nibs into the mix, though still is present and delicious.

As with most coffee, but especially with this one, it is fantastic as iced coffee. I do this by pouring about (actually a little less) a pint into a pint jar, with around 3/64ths of a teaspoon of stevia in the bottom, the lidding it and storing it in the fridge. Shortly before I have it, I add a dash of almond milk.

It’s perfect for when I’m studying something.

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