Honeysuckle Puer

A puer a day keeps… Something away, I’m sure.

I have 22 new flavors of puer, and I’ll be posting about them pretty regularly (or so I hope). The first is this honeysuckle puer.

 As with other flower-puers, I’ve found this one to be fairly light in honeysuckle flavor (whatever that would be).

It’s not bad puer besides that, though.

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4 thoughts on “Honeysuckle Puer

  1. Can I ask a really silly question…what is puer?! It sounds like something I should be trying, whatever it is haha! X

    • andrewvochman on said:

      No problem! It’s one of the five types of tea (white, green, oolong, black, and puer) which is made by piling the tea leaves and letting them ferment, then (usually) pressing them into shapes.

      • Thank you very much šŸ™‚ every day is a school day. Trying to expand my understanding of tea through blogging at the moment so this is so helpful :). What do you think of the flavour of it compared to other teas? X

      • andrewvochman on said:

        Hmm… That’s a tricky one! It’s much less tannic than other teas (like the sort of bitter dry-mouth taste you get if you have oversteeped black tea), and as a result you’re able to let it steep pretty much indefinitely.
        As for actual *taste*… I guess I’d say “earthy”. Sort of imagine what you’d think biting into a mossy/rotten log would taste like, but in a good way. Just a very earthy, strong flavour, but at the same time, sort of mellow.
        And then, of course, there are a bunch of different flavors and styles of puer, which vary in flavour quite widely.

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