Gyokuro Green Tea

I’ve been looking forward to writing about this one.  
This is gyokuro, a premium Japanese green tea that’s grown and handled very carefully.

You want to brew it carefully, too. Before putting the tea in, I wait until the water is around 60-70 degrees.
Dropping the tea into the water releases one of the most inexplicable, heavenly aromas. You have to be quick to catch it, though.
Brew it for a pretty short amount of time before pouring, and:
A nice cup of gyokuro. It has a very delicate flavor that edges between longjing green tea and high-quality black tea. I’ve heard that it contains a higher concentration of l-theanine than most teas, which gives it a thicker mouthfeel than usual, as well as giving a hint of sweetness.

You can brew it a second time, using slightly hotter water and for a longer period.

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