Imperial Puer

Well, it’s been like, what, six or so months?

Suffice to say, lots of shit has been happening, and I’ve neither really had the time nor motivation to make a post here for a while.

But I’m trying to get into a healthier schedule, and as a result I’ll probably be posting here somewhat regularly again.

Here we have imperial puer. I got a bunch of different teas (mostly oolongs, but a couple other varieties) all from this same company, but I can’t remember what it’s called. (It was a while ago, okay?) They all came in these bamboo tube things, pretty cool.


This is getting towards the end of this batch, so the pieces of tea here are a bit more broken up than most, but it still brews and tastes just fine.

It’s almost like a cross between black and puer. The brewed tea has a slightly lighter color, in-between the red of black tea and near-black of puer. The immediate taste tastes a bit like a lightly-steeped Golden Snail black tea (more on that in an upcoming post), then it fades into a more typical puer flavor, but not overwhelmingly. Pretty good, pretty balanced. Unfortunately, I’ll be finishing it off today.

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